Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tough day at the office

You guys know me, so you know I put in my time drudging to the train station in the snow to be taken to a job that was mind numbingly boring for many years.
So with that in mind I want to share my latest shoot with you. I really only do this so you can imagine this through my eyes and not to taunt you : )

I just shot a spot for the new E! News live program about the best new clubs on the LA. circuit. We shot at a place called "Privilege".
It's on Sunset across from "Crunch" and down the street from Chateau Marmont. Very cozy, very cool music, chill place to hang out.
Lots of eye candy. I had to shoot bottles of Dom Perignon being served to the club crowd while searching for cute girls on the dance floor.

One girl thought I was shooting for "Girls Gone Wild" and tried to convince me to shoot her topless.
That would have gotten us kicked out pretty quick! The female hosts (there were about 15) were clad in fishnet stockings and vinyl.
You know they were all models or actresses as were the bartenders and bouncers, (of course).

I convinced our beautiful little P.A. (imported from Scotland) to ask the hosts and bartenders to play along with the camera.
We got great shots of the hostesses leading us around followed by shots of the bouncers denying us entry to the VIP area.

The new cameras are awesome, light weight with so many options at the ready you don't know which one you want to try first.
It's called an XD Cam by Sony and essentially you're shooting on a professional disc, like a DVD, only this disc is recording 4:2:2 at 50 mb/s
and holds 23G of info for 45 minute record time.

It was a fun shoot. I hope to work for these producers again.

Now, back to the office.


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