Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frank Gehry Collection Launch

Sunday evening I shot the launch of the Frank Gehry jewelry line at Tiffany's in Beverly Hills (you know, the guy who designed the Disney Building and The Jimi Hendrix Museum, etc). They closed down Rodeo drive for this event, which I didn't expect.

It was a cool shoot but I must say the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up and was quite the exceptional little beauty. As a matter of fact she stole my heart as she looked through the lens, gazing at me, nay, beckoning me...I mean, I felt it. She felt it. If you were there you would agree with me. Listen, it's on tape.

Anyway, it was a fun shoot and there were other people there too who kept, I don't know, disturbing us.

"I guess we can get a shot of Christina Ricci if you want, okay, fine I'll pan the camera away from Jennifer, but let's try not to dilly-dally". Then comes Laurence Fishburn, "He was in "Apocolypse Now!", right?" Okay, that's cool. "What's that? You want me to shoot Anjelica Houston, Patti La Belle and John Legend?" "Are you paying me for this? You are paying for this? Yeah but..."

And now you know the true story about why I'm not with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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