Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TotoloVision - A picture profile for the Sony a7s


Created with a DSCLabs Chroma DuMonde Color Chart and the Vectorscope on the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q.

This has only been balanced against daylight, I have not tested under Tungsten yet.
Care should be taken to make accurate exposures.

Black Level -4
Gamma: Cine 4
Black Gamma: Middle; Level -1
Knee: Auto>Auto Set Max Point 100%>Sensitivity Mid
Color Mode: ITU709 Matrix
Saturation -2
Color Phase -1
Color Depth:
R 0
G +1
B +2
C 0
M 0
Y +1
Detail -2
Adjust: Mode: Manual; V/H Balance 0; B/W Balance Type3; Limit 7; Crispning 0; Hi-Light Detail 0


Geoffrey said...

How is this profile working out for you? Do you have any video samples or footage you could share?

Bill Totolo said...