Monday, November 24, 2014

Canon Cine-Servo 17-120

This blog has been neglected the better part of 2014, and I've been meaning to update it for a while. With the explosion of camera/tech blogs and podcasts it hasn't seemed as neccessary to post. I've been immersing myself in other people's experiences, and quite frankly, was left wondering what I had say.

All I can offer is the experience of one DP: the ups, the downs, the false starts, and frustrations. And of course, the satisfaction of a job well done.

Before I delve into projects from 2014, I want to share something relevant to Nov. 23, 2014- The new Canon Cine-Servo 17-120. A lot of camera-persons are set up as small businesses and are looking for end of year investments, and a lot have their eyes on the Canon. Somehow, I was lucky enough to get booked on a gig that subbed in one.

As an operator, my expereince was very positive. It was easy to adjust back-focus. The macro acts as you would expect a macro to work on an ENG/B4 style lens. There's minimal breathing, bokeh from the 11 blade diaphragm is easily obtained and quite nice (with a slight cat-eye effect on the outer perimeter, which I happen to be a fan of), the servo is incredibly smooth, it's about 6 1/2 pounds, and it appears to be very sharp across the aperture range. This last statement is just an observation by eye and not properly evaluated with a test chart.

Before returning the gear I had time to record some images and thought I'd share:

Thanks for bearing with the absence, I'll try to keep the blog up when I have something to share. In the mean time...I don't know, I need a catch phrase. 
See you on set.

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