Friday, March 29, 2013

Telluride, CO

Just got back from the EPIC shoot in Telluride. Nice part of the country. Biggest hurdle was overcoming the altitude, woke up with a migraine the first day and forced myself to work through it.

The house was gorgeous, scenery unbelievable, and the team assembled by the good folks at Tremendous! Entertainment meshed as though we had been working together a full season.

As promised here are some photos I took with my phone:

The giant living room pictured above looks out over a ski resort. The owner can take his funicular (railway car) from the backyard directly to the slopes. He can monitor video surveillance from his phone any where in the world, and can activate his hot tub from his jet while flying over India.
All this and he's a really nice guy who generously shares wine from his cellar with the crew lugging gear boxes around his house.

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