Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's too early to show you any screenshots from our shoot at Brooklyn's FireProof Stages last week, so here is a classic on-set photo of the DP posing with his camera.

I'm extremely satisfied with how the shoot went and the looks we achieved. This was truly an example of collaborating with your team. The director conceived the look, the CEO improved our blocking and framing to feature his corporate logo, and now we're "working" with post to insure an integrated look. On this shoot our footage doesn't need to match existing footage but it appears after 20 seconds of footage shot simultaneously by another team in L.A.

The client owns a Sony PMW-F3, as do I, so the decision to shoot with that camera was made early on. I used a Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm lens (provided by Blacklist Productions in L.A.) on my "A" camera, and my Duclos cine-modded Tokina 11-16mm on the "B" camera, mounted on a Western dolly.

Both cameras recorded out to AJA Ki-Pro mini's to 10bit ProResHQ 4:2:2 files using Sony's S-Log.

When I can release some screen caps of our footage I can go into further detail about lighting and other fun exercises such as the zen art of laying Marley board.

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