Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Feature film update #4

alpha-sonic is the name of my newly formed production company. Alpha, as in 1st and sonic, as in sound. The first project, in fact three projects, that alpha-sonic will work on are music videos.

The company is also set up to shoot the feature that I hope to get off the ground this year.

About that feature, cast is trickling in. Contacting some local casting agencies in the lower south helped a bit.

Script continues to evolve through polish.

Cameras have been serviced already. Can you believe that? Both Bjorn in Sweden and Bernie in Maine have finished servicing my Beaulieu's and and I hope to receive them in the next week or so to begin tests. Bjorn has the Pro8 and Bernie has the R16. I just dropped off my Nikon R10 for a clean, lube adjust at Spectra in North Hollywood.

So that's all this time around, not much to report. Hope you all are doing well.



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