Friday, May 04, 2007

If music be the food of love, play on...

Just some random thoughts on romance:

Romantic comedy has ALWAYS been my favorite genre, and maybe that's because it really is the most difficult to pull off. The conventions are so obvious that only a half dozen films in the last 50 years have really, really nailed it with conviction. Seriously, I can count about 10 great romantic comedies... ever. Maybe that's the mystique? I dunno.

To be good in this genre isn't enough, you gotta be great. You gotta be smart, and you have to respect the audience. We go to have our emotions manipulated, that's the pact, but under the agreement that you won't placate or pander to us for a cheap thrill.

It's the toughest genre because no one is going to fall for false emotions up there. It's gotta be real and surpising and revealing and it has to speak to ME. That's ME up there.

That's just my humble opinion, thanks for letting me share.


ps- What do I know?

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