Thursday, October 19, 2006

DJ Shadow Concert Video

Two days in Manhattan's Village, at one of my favorite clubs, Webster Hall. We captured two nights of performances by the inimitable DJ Shadow. We covered the shoot with three Hi-Def cameras in the Hall, a small HD camera with a fish-eye lens on stage and a miniDV camera behind the scenes. Although we managed to get Shadow backstage with the HD cameras as well.

With these cameras we were able to shoot multiple frame rates so we shot in the style of the movie "Tokyo Olympiad (1964)" with a lot of Slow Mo, and the physical movements of the performers abstracted from reality to study behaviour in an attempt to reveal character and emotion.

A great shoot directed by one of the most talented and passionate filmmakers I know, Dean Fernando. Produced by Jeff Bell. Photographed by Michael Nash and Myself. I don't know all the P.A.'s by their full names but there was Zach, E.J. and Jimmy Jones.

Special appearance by Lateef the Truthspeaker.

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